Facility Management Made Easy

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Facility management made easy by reducing costs, improving customer service, and increasing productivity enterprise-wide.

FM:Interact was developed with the customer in mind and was organically grown from the ground up to be easy-to-use and configurable by the end user. With FM:Interact, facility and real estate professionals can get real-time access to accurate workplace information and collaborate more effectively within their organization. Among other benefits, FM:Interact:

Works the way you work

FM:Interact was built from the ground up to be configured. You can modify the system to match your business processes without the high cost, long timeframes and risk associated with customizing other products. Need more? You can even configure workflow or modules from scratch.

Makes life easy

Our customers consistently describe FM:Interact as the most user-friendly solution on the market – intuitive and easy to learn for both power users and casual users. You’ll realize a quick turn around on your investment as users willingly adopt the system enterprise-wide.

Plays well with others

Need to pull employee data from your HR system? Got it. Already have a maintenance system your operations team knows and loves? No problem. FM:Interact can integrate with any system in your existing IT environment.

Takes the sting out of software upgrades

The sophisticated data dictionary in FM:Interact tracks all the configurations you make to your system. When it’s time to upgrade, all configurations are carried forward to the next version – greatly reducing the time and expense associated with software upgrades.

Covers all the bases

Out of the box, FM:Interact provides a comprehensive set of modules to support all the key functions of real estate and facilities management including space management, space reservation, move management, real estate portfolio management, strategic planning, asset management, facility maintenance, project management and sustainability.

Delivers on time

Other IWMS systems can be time-consuming and costly to implement. FM:Systems uses RightPath, a proven process based on hundreds of successful projects and decades of experience. You’ll find that your system gets rolled out on time and within budget, with measurable results in six months or less.

Organically grown

Other products have been cobbled together through mergers and acquisitions. All FM:Interact modules have been solely developed by the FM:Systems product team. For you, this means that our solution is truly integrated, resulting in faster implementations, less complexity and fewer problems.

Solid foundation

Being based on Microsoft’s .NET platform ensures the highest levels of performance, reliability and security – and gives you peace of mind.

Mobile access

FM:Interact provides support for mobile platforms, giving users complete access to their facilities data and floor plans while in the field.

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