Elevate your Workplace Facilities through Data-Backed Decision Making and Key Resources

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The ability to make sound, data-backed decisions for your facilities and real estate portfolio helps transform the workplace into a strategic asset. Grab our top resources for making data-backed decisions and get best practices, key metrics, and new ideas.

Making Decisions with the Latest Workplace Data Trends

Organizations spent 2023 dealing with continuing pandemic ripple effects within the economy and the shift to remote/hybrid work. Moving into 2024, workplace trends appear to be stabilizing. So where has the upheaval of the past several years left the industry? We decided to find out.

In November and December 2023, FM:Systems worked with an independent market research firm to survey more than 500 U.S. business leaders in HR, finance, facilities, and real estate. We invite you to download your complimentary copy of this fresh industry data.

Report: 2024 Inside the Workplace – This informative report shares the latest workplace insights from your industry peers. Inside, you will find current trends and a few surprises. Read the report for six key findings that illuminate:

  • How leaders of midsize and large businesses really feel about hybrid work.
  • The top lessons learned from remote and hybrid work.
  • How are organizations using their physical office space today.
  • The top organizational priorities for the workplace.
  • Real estate optimization challenges and opportunities leaders see on the horizon.
  • How environmental and sustainability goals are impacting future plans.

From Numbers to Action: Empowering Workplace Data Management through Analytics

See what a difference aggregated workplace management data makes in helping facilities managers adapt to the changing workplace, Find inspiration and ideas for your organization through how FM:Systems customers are leveraging their workforce data for data-backed decision making:

Customer Success: Sutter Health – Before FM:Systems, this health system managed space with physical walkthroughs, paper, and spreadsheets, using only about 30% of administrative spaces. Now, Sutter Health employs workplace sensors and analytics to aggregate utilization data and looks to exit approximately 700,000 square feet at a potential $21 million in cost savings.

Hybrid Hangout Podcast: Adapting to Change in the Workplace With Strategic Shifts – Workplace and real estate management is undergoing strategic shifts that challenge even the best planners. In this podcast, Chief Strategy Officer, Brian Haines, and Jen Heath discuss:

  • Why real estate optimization requires data aggregation and an iterative planning approach
  • Where most organizations need to invest more and why the future requires thinking about real estate in a new way
  • How ESG is driving change in portfolios and strategy

Customer Success: Washington County – This local government uses FM:Systems workplace data to maximize space efficiency and optimizing building utilization. The organization has also streamlined preventative maintenance, improved security processes, and enhanced interdepartmental integration across 26 properties.

Turning Workplace Data into Actionable Intelligence

In today’s world, it’s not enough to have good data. Every organization has mountains of data at its disposal. To outperform competitors, you need automated, intelligent solutions that help you easily unlock insights within your data and capitalize on them in planning and decision making. Learn how to breakdown your workplace data into meaningful—and actionable—insights in the following webcasts:

On-demand Webcast: First Look at the Hybrid Workplace Research Report – Join FM:Systems’ Jennifer Heath and David Kornegy as they preview the 2024 Inside the Workplace survey results, drawing out four key findings about:

  • whether or not businesses plan to pursue remote or hybrid work indefinitely
  • how much time employees are spending in the office now vs one year ago
  • how many organizations are shrinking vs expanding their office space
  • top lessons learned from hybrid and remote work so far—and how workplace priorities are changing as a result

Going Forward with Data-Backed Confidence

It is time to engage in more in-depth planning and strategic adaptations that will optimize hybrid office spaces for better productivity and performance.

Today’s facilities and real estate managers have more space management data at their fingertips than any point in the history of the FM industry. In fact, many lack the automation to analyze all the data. Learn how to boost confidence in your workplace management data with multi-point data analysis.

eBook: Multi-Data Point Analysis – If your organization is currently applying digital transformation to facilities and real estate management, the secret sauce that reveals changes necessary to optimize utilization and performance is workplace analytics. Gain increased confidence in data analysis:

  • What is multi-data point analysis and how it can unlock opportunities previously hidden in your organization’s data.
  • How to give decision-makers powerful, objective intelligence about workplace utilization, employee mobility, and more.
  • What the most important KPIs and benchmarks are for the modern facilities manager.
  • How to stay on top of changing trends in your data using dashboards and alerts.
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