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First Look: Hybrid Workplace Research Report

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In 2023, we saw hybrid work arrangements leading employees back to the office. Organizations learned hybrid work is an iterative process, one size and shape does not fit all. While leaders had varying views on the effectiveness of hybrid work, most did acknowledge it is here for at least the next few years.

With 2023 now in the rear-view mirror, where does hybrid work go next? Do business leaders understand its long-term impact and how to leverage it to support other goals like sustainability, cost reduction, and employee retention? 

FM:Systems conducted primary research to better understand how business leaders in HR, finance, facilities and real estate are:

  • Supporting and leveraging hybrid work across their organizations,  
  • Set up with the tools and framework needed to accomplish hybrid work 
  • Empowered to tie it all together with their teams 


Jennifer Heath
Jennifer Heath

Product Marketing Director

David Kornegay

Solutions Consultant

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