3 New FMS:Insights Features You’ll Fall in Love With on Valentine’s Day

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This new Utilization Narrative Dashboard has two AI-powered features. It makes it easier than ever to get instant answers about your data. You can access these answers from FMS:Insights. Plus, Wi-Fi Dashboard brings Wi-Fi utilization data and the FMS:Insights platform together at last.

Generative AI applications like ChatGPT are changing the way we interact with technology. FM:Systems has added two new features.

These features use natural language processing. They help you extract insights from your data more easily and quickly. Our cutting-edge AI Utilization Dashboard includes Narratives and Simply Ask features. It helps small and large enterprises gain insights into their operations and transform their businesses.

Our AI-powered Utilization Dashboard is a game-changer for making informed decisions in the business environment. Designed for users, these features will change how you understand and improve your space.

A new feature called Wi-Fi Dashboard combines Wi-Fi data with the FMS:Insights platform. This feature provides more information on occupancy and usage.

Read on for more information about these “sweet” new features:

AI-driven Features


The first component of the innovative dashboard seamlessly translates intricate charts and graphs into straightforward, easy-to-understand language. No more deciphering complex visuals; the AI breaks down the data barriers.

Artificial intelligence in Narratives analyzes your data and generates text-based insights that display alongside your visualizations. Narratives simplifies complex data by using simple language, making it easier to understand the importance of figures and charts. This ensures that every stakeholder, regardless of their technical background, can readily grasp the details of utilization metrics effortlessly. This enhanced level of accessibility promotes informed decision-making across all levels of your organization.

A chart displaying the utilization narratives feature from FMS:Insight

The platform supports narration for a broad range of widgets, from pie charts to scatter maps. At the click of a button, you can increase or decrease the size of the narration in relation to the visualization on the dashboard. PDF reports exported from the dashboard can also expand the width and length of the widget.

Simply Ask

Complementing the Narratives feature in the new Utilization Narrative Dashboard is our innovative translator, Simply Ask, which employs generative AI to bridge the gap between facilities managers and data-driven visuals.
As the name implies, Simply Ask enables you to ask questions in plain language about your space utilization and watch as our AI translates those queries into visually compelling, actionable insights. For example, you can ask, “What was the average utilization of Building A in September 2023?” or “Which conference room had the highest utilization last week?” and receive a clear, graphical response to your question. Whether you’re a seasoned facilities manager or new to the role, our dashboard empowers you to extract meaningful data without the need for technical expertise.

A chart displaying the predictive aspect of simply ask from FMS:Insight
As you type in your question, Simply Ask suggests options to help you build your query based on the full ecosystem of data within your organization’s FMS:Insights system. This leads to more natural and context-aware interactions and outcomes.
Simply Ask also leverages this deep knowledge of your company’s data to automatically generate synonyms for words that you use in your natural language query. For example, if you submit a search for “utilization by region,” and the data model only has a state field, Simply Ask will automatically substitute the word “state” for “region.”

Simply Ask has a forecast feature that predicts numbers and results using current data. For example, the system can provide an immediate, informed response to the question, “What will our space utilization be next week?”

Together, the Simply Ask and Narratives features empower your enterprise with a dashboard that not only speaks your language but transforms your questions into actionable intelligence. Unleash the true potential of your space management with the AI-driven Utilization Dashboard, empowering you to elevate your decision-making process with clarity and precision. Step confidently into a future where data-driven insights drive your success, and your space is optimized for peak efficiency.

These new AI-driven features are groundbreaking, but the Utilization Dashboard isn’t the only area where FM:Systems is adding functionality to help you optimize your space. We’re also making it easier for you to monitor utilization without the need for additional sensors or equipment.Just as

WI-Fi Dashboard

By forming a bridge between FMS:Insights and Cisco Spaces, Wi-Fi Dashboard provides utilization metrics using your existing wi-fi infrastructure. This feature gives you an additional source of data to supplement occupancy sensors as a means of monitoring office utilization and attendance.

The release of Wi-Fi Dashboard represents another step toward the ultimate goal of providing you with a single platform and log in through which you can access all of your data. Once Wi-Fi Dashboard is set up on your system, you no longer need to access other platforms to view Wi-Fi data.

As the role of the office continues to evolve and smart building technology gets ever more sophisticated, FM:Systems continues to develop and integrate the latest applications and solutions to help our clients optimize their spaces and portfolios. We are actively developing integrations and partnerships with other sensor vendors and potential workplace data sources, as our goal is to help you capture the data that will power your decisions. Learn more about how FMS:Insights delivers portfolio-level analytics and cross-product insights or schedule a demo.

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