New Year, New Workplace: Plan for Hybrid Workplace Success with Key Resources

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Ready to accelerate hybrid workspace performance in 2024? Grab our top resources for corporate real estate optimization for best practices, key metrics, and new ideas.

What kind of hybrid workplace are you?

In the new year, leaders in space management and planning will unlock the keys to hybrid workplace competitive advantage. Resolve to reimagine your workplace in 2024 using these hybrid workplace planning tools.

E-Book: 2024 Hybrid Workplace Planning Guide 

This guide provides tips for rethinking policies, managing change, and investing in digital equity for hybrid workers.

Interactive Quiz: What Kind of Hybrid are You? 

Find out how your organization’s hybrid journey stacks up compared to others.

Hybrid Workplace Planning Calculator

Calculate the savings potential of desk sharing on square footage and occupancy costs.

Customer Stories: Hybrid Workplace Success in Action 

  • See how a North American Life Insurer evolved its 765,000 square foot campus from a one-seat-per-employee workplace to a hybrid model.
  • Discover how a leading Health Organization used workplace management technology to navigate the move into a new HQ and new hybrid strategies.

Leverage Digital Workplace Solutions

Digital workplace solutions bring the physical office into the digital realm, enabling and enhancing the hybrid work environment.

Buyer’s Guide for Digital Workplace Solutions

Download the guide today to identify the best combination of digital workplace solutions to optimize portfolio performance, adapt to new situations, and build a thriving digital workplace.

Optimizing the employee workplace experience

Explore how workplace automation collect and analyze workplace data, unlocking critical insights you will need to elevate experience through smart, cost-effective improvements.

E-Book: Multi-Data Point Analysis

Workplace analytics reveals the changes needed to enhance workplace experience.

Infographic: The Anatomy of a Smart Building

Find out how to harness building data to provide a better employee experience.

Customer Success: Washington County

Cloud-based workplace solutions helped Washington County maximize existing building space utilization, and improve visibility into all workplace, facilities, and real estate operation and maintenance data.

How do you optimize real estate? 

As we move into the new year, leaders will pursue opportunities to optimize their second largest cost center—real estate.

E-Book: The Ultimate Guide to Optimize Real Estate for the Hybrid Workplace

Whether you need to adapt your lease strategy, divest properties, or acquire new locations, success depends on data driven decisions. Evaluate your strategy with these real estate optimization resources.

Customer Success: Space Infrastructure and Earth Intelligence Leader

Discover how this organization consolidated workplace utilization data across multiple corporate sites to support a flex and hybrid workforce, improve utilization, and optimize spending.

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