What Kind of Hybrid Are You?

Where are you on your hybrid journey? Are you confident in your position and understand what is next for your organization, as well as the impacts to the bottom line? Or are you struggling to balance work from home initiatives with in-office collaboration?


1. Did your in-office or hybrid work model change last year?
2. Are you measuring your workspace utilization?
3. Do you think your organization – leaders and employees – are aligned on the work model you have in place?
4. Has your organization surveyed employees recently regarding their needs and wants in relation to where they work (office, at home, etc.)?
5. Do you have underutilized space?
6. Do you understand the full cost of your space, how it is used and where it fits within your real estate portfolio?
7. Do your IT, facilities, and HR departments meet regularly to discuss space, utilization, and employee impact?
8. Do you have the technology in place to support the use and measurement of your workspace?