Mobility and the Evolving Workplace

Increased mobility and the evolving workplace is increasing the need for greater flexibility in how organizations use their available space and assets and is pushing facilities professionals into new territories unimagined just a few years ago. FM:Systems has been rapidly evolving new capabilities to meet these demands which are being enabled by maturing technologies such as larger clearer screens, increased security, faster data processing and higher bandwidth connections. Over the past few years FM:Systems has been introducing new functions for alternative workplace planning, supporting team-based non-assigned work areas (free address system) and activity based workspace.

The number of facilities professionals who work remotely has grown substantially in the past several years. This has led to workers performing their job functions outside of a traditional office setting. There is now a growing need for office hoteling which enables individual employees to reserve space temporarily such as a cubicle or office that they will work in for a few hours, the day or for the week. Hoteling helps to reduce the amount of physical space that an enterprise needs, helping to lower overhead costs while ensuring that every worker has access to the space they need.

FM:Interact Space Reservation App
FM:Interact Space Reservation App

In today’s high paced facilities environments, employees and teams need access to meeting space suited to their specific needs. Room Scheduling is used for locating and reserving rooms for meetings and functions. Room scheduling provides flexible tools that enables employees to look up and reserve meeting space based upon size, layout and installed amenities as well as the ability to request and reserve additional amenities not permanently assigned to the room such as IT equipment, food service etc.

To meet this need we created The FM:Interact Space Reservation module which provides functionality for both hoteling and conference room scheduling to meet today’s rapidly evolving demands to manage employees who are highly mobile. Because employees who need to reserve space are often on the move, we’ve recently added the Space Reservation Mobile App for licensed users of the FM:Interact Space Reservation module who want to access, create and update reservation in the field from an iOS or Android device anytime and anywhere.

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