Benefits of a Space Management System

“It takes months to manually capture floor plan information”

“I have a large number of sites and it is very labor intensive to manually update CAD drawings”

These are just a few of the challenges we hear from Facility Managers on a daily basis. Times are changing and manually updating spreadsheets are becoming more and more of a struggle for facility and real estate managers. The job gets done, but not in a timely and efficient manner. Excel spreadsheets are beginning to no longer support all of your growing responsibilities and needs, such as seeing your facilities information in real-time and quickly running reports on the fly.

There are many benefits of a space management system, such as…

  • Reduce occupancy costs across your entire portfolio: You will now have better visibility into space and occupancy data and will be able to make educated decisions about your space portfolio. With real-time, accurate data in hand, making the right decisions can drastically cut portfolio costs.
  • Make the most of your existing space: With a space management system, you will be able to identify your vacant space and be able to re-purpose it. This will help you avoid the extra costs of construction or leasing a new space. You will be able to visualize your space with real-time information that you can see. Visualizing who sits where can help you plan for and use your existing space more efficiently.
  • Produce easy and accurate space chargeback reports: Centralizing all your facilities data into one system means there is only one place to go when you need it, and because it’s in real-time it’s up-to-date and accurate. Running chargeback reports has never been so quick!

After organizations implemented a space management system, we heard their once challenges turn into positive results…

“Our space management system helped dramatically reduce the time required for the CAD group to maintain accurate drawings which frees them up to focus on other tasks”

“We now have increased productivity and improved space utilization and strategic planning – which leads to improved customer service and better partnerships with our customers”