Benefits of using the FM:Systems Portal

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“How many cases do we have open?  What status are they in?”

“We seen this issue before, haven’t we? I know we fixed it.  How can I look that up?”

“Do we have the User’s or Administrator guides for FM:Interact 8?”

“What is the latest version of FM:Interact 8? Is there a hot-fix available?”

If you or your colleagues have asked these question, then you should register with the FM:Systems Portal.

The FM:Systems Portal was created to provide our users with quick and easy access to tools and resources to take advantage of the products and services that FM:Systems offers.  Membership to the Portal is just one of the benefits of maintaining a current customer support agreement.

A few of the benefits of the Portal include:

  • Product Updates: The Portal provides users with the ability to download the latest versions of both FM:Interact 8.1 and 8.2, FM:CAD 8, FM:Systems Revit 2011-2013, the Microsoft Silverlight, and the Microsoft .NET Installer.  In addition to having access to the latest versions of our software, the Portal also provides access to the latest FM:Interact hot-fixes.
  • User Forums: Users are able to submit questions not only for the FM:Interact Technical Support personnel, but these questions are also visible to other customers.  This allows for candid communication on configuration and usage with professional peers.  The Knowledgebase section allows the users to take advantage of documents created by Technical Support specialists to provide step-by-step instructions for known issues, and detailed how-to documents for resolving common (or even uncommon) issues.
  • Supporting documentation for Version 8: Users are able to download the relevant documentation for both FM:Interact 8.1 and FM:Interact 8.2.
  • How-to Videos: The Portal contains a number of How-To videos that cover the clean installation of FM:Interact 8, upgrading from 7.2 to 8.1, BOMA standards overview used by FM:Intearct 8.2, and information on how Alternative Workspaces in FM:Interact 8.2.
  • Direct submitting  and monitoring of technical issues: Users are able to create their own cases and select their priorities as well as monitor all of their currently active cases.  In addition to monitoring current cases, users are able to review notes for previously resolved issues.
  • Direct submitting of feature or enhancement requests: Are there some features that you would love to see in FM:Interact?  The Portal allows users to submit their own feature and enhancement requests.

Take the time to register on the Portal – and see how much more you’re able to get out of using FM:Systems software.

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