Five Frequently Asked Facility Maintenance Questions

Do you spend most of your day logging, dispatching, tracking and reporting on service requests? With the FM:Interact Facility Maintenance module, you can streamline work order and preventive maintenance processes for technicians and vendors with automatic notifications, mobile access and detailed reports. You can improve internal customer satisfaction with Web-based service request forms – all while you stay informed with a quick glance at maintenance dashboards.

The same questions are asked time after time about the Facility Maintenance module. Can you attach a document to a work order? Can you set up different maintenance tasks months out? I hope some of your questions are answered with these five most frequently asked questions about the Facility Maintenance module:

Q: How do you provide transparency to all employees for maintenance information to be shared?
A: Because the system utilizes dashboards, data views, graphic views, reports, etc. that can be configured for specific groups of users, you can provide users with the ability to see just their submitted maintenance request items or open it up for a more broad display of everyone’s submitted requests. In addition, you can incorporate surveys for SLAs (Service Level Agreements) that can even track the customer experience on how well the service was performed, whether it was in a timely fashion, and much more.

Q: Can you attach a document to a work order?
A: Yes, we typically recommend attaching a link to the particular document location.

Q: Can monthly, six-monthly, or irregular preventative maintenance dates be prepared, and advised to external contractor a year in advance?
A: Yes, absolutely, it is complexly up to you. You can schedule tasks in regular or irregular patterns and you can determine how they are routed.

Q: Is there a way to search a past work order by keywords?
A: Data views are used to manage information through the system. Within any data view, searches and filters can be used to find specific work orders by keywords, numbers, etc.

Q: How do I get information into the system?
A: There are a number of tools for importing data into the system. FM:Interact supports both delimited flat files and any ODBC compliant data source. Data is then mapped to the specific fields in FM:Interact’s database. A data import can be run once or might be a scheduled update (for example from data coming from an HR system) on a nightly basis. Drawings are integrated by using Web Services and the plugin for both AutoCAD and Revit.

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