Better Analyze Your Facilities Performance with FMx Reporting

FM:Systems first broke the news of our powerful new reporting engine earlier this year at our annual User Conference, and it was immediately apparent how thrilled our customers were that this functionality was coming. The excitement has been growing drastically since then and I’m excited to have the opportunity to tell you a little bit more about the enhancements FMx Reporting will bring to FM:Interact.

What is all the hype about the new FMx Reporting tool you may be wondering? Well, consider this… What if you (technical user or not) could create and run reports from within the FM:Interact interface without any support from IT? You read that right. Users now have complete control over the reporting and analysis of their facility data without ever leaving the Web browser!

In the past, advanced reporting tools were required to report on facility data tracked within systems such as FM:Interact. Now you can quickly ask questions of your facility data and find answers by dynamically building new reports in a matter of minutes.

Additionally, FMx Reporting includes the following exciting new features:

Figure 1
      Figure 1

  • Drag & drop wizard driven report builder allows users to intelligently select fields from various tables to include in reports.
  • Enhanced formatting & automated drill down graphics that is shown in figure 1 gives users the ability to configure tabular and graphical reports. With a variety of charts and graphs users have a wide variety of animated visualization and charting options available (even the ability to view reports in 3D)! Lastly, you are able to clone your reports to quickly create similar reports and apply standard themes across your reports.
  • Highly securable data objects, meaning administrators can permission specific reports, tables and even fields for various roles to be able to access and utilize.

But wait, I’m not done yet!

Figure 2
        Figure 2

  • Personal & global reports allow any user with the appropriate permissions to create their own personal reports and administrators have the ability to promote any user’s personal report to global access.
  • Automated report scheduler Reports, similar to what is shown in figure 2, can be scheduled and delivered to end-users via email in a variety of formats. All parameters such as recurrence, data filters, recipients and email formatting can be set in the Report Scheduler.

Keep in mind, all of this functionality can be achieved without EVER leaving the browser!

While the new FMx Reporting tool is great on its own, it only makes up a portion of the cutting edge functionality that will be released in FM:Interact version 8.5. Stay tuned as FM:Systems continues to grow as the technology leader in the IWMS market!