BIM Interoperability and data exchange in FM:Interact

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FM:Systems provides solutions for BIM Interoperability and data exchange in FM:Interact.  This is done by either integrating directly with BIM authoring and viewing solutions such as Autodesk Revit and Autodesk 360 viewing or by supporting BIM data exchange standards such as COBie.

BIM Interoperability and data exchange with Autodesk Revit

FM:Interacts BIM for the Building Lifecycle integration maintains a live bi-directional integration between the building models and the system, allowing AEC and FM professionals to share information during design, construction and throughout the building lifecycle.

BIM Interoperability and COBie BIM data exchange support

Where a direct integration between BIM and the facility management system is not available, the COBie (Construction Operations Building Information Exchange) BIM data exchange standard should be used to transfer information. COBie was developed by the buildingSMART alliance™ ( and provides a framework for the information attributes required for major building systems.   FM:Systems is a Sustaining Member Organization of the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) which is the parent organization of the buildingSMART alliance™.

A number of BIM and facility management software developers have developed interfaces for importing and exporting COBie data. Users should be aware however that data will need to be validated after import since the source system is not integrated with target system.  FM:System’s Integrated Workplace Manage Systems has a COBie data loader utility which provides a quick and accurate method for importing/exporting COBie directly into and out of the FM:Interact database. Figure 1 shows an example of this process as the data is loaded into FM:Interact.

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