Moving Towards an IWMS Solution

A few weeks ago I defined what Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) and Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) were and what the difference was between the two. Today I want to dive a little deeper into the true meaning of IWMS and how it plays such an important part in how organizations manage their facilities.

Years ago organizations had different departments managing all aspects of their facilities, they either had an archaic tool in place or no solution at all to help them manage their demanding roles and had no efficient way of communicating to one another. Departments would use Excel spreadsheets to manually update occupancy reports and would spend hours to run a single report for executives. Over the last few decades organizations have been moving away from this approach and migrating towards implementing one IWMS solution to manage all of their workplace needs including the management of space, assets, moves, real estate, maintenance, and projects. IWMS makes it possible for organizations to use a single tool to manage the needs of each department, allowing them to communicate efficiently to one another, run reports with the click of a button, and gain insight into the true financial impact facilities have on the bottom line of the organization.

Get real time visibility into your facilities

Executives and department heads no longer need to be burdened with maintaining spreadsheets and manually updating records. Having an IWMS solution in place allows them to consolidate information and allow that information to be share with other individuals throughout their organization. This eliminates miscommunication and delays with getting the information you need, when you need it, and gives executives time back in their day to work on other tasks.

Improve your bottom line

Being able to streamline the processes for each department plays a huge part in the bottom line of your organization. Excel spreadsheets and archaic tools are not able to support the growing responsibilities of facility and real estate professionals, and having an automated process in place allows you to play a more strategic and valuable role. This in turn will increase the overall productivity of your organization and cut down the overall occupancy costs.

Moving towards an IWMS solution

Today’s workplace is changing at a rapid pace and without having an automated tool in place it is almost impossible to keep up. Having an IWMS tool in place allows organizations to manage these constant changes while improving the overall efficiency and productivity of the organization.