Take the Pain out of Manual Processes

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I am constantly hearing about the challenges Facility Managers deal with on a daily basis. Times are changing and manually updating spreadsheets are becoming more and more of a struggle for facility and real estate managers. The job gets done, but not in a timely and efficient manner. Excel spreadsheets are beginning to no longer support all of your growing responsibilities and needs, such as seeing your facilities information in real-time and quickly running reports on the fly.

There are several areas where your organization can expect to achieve cost savings and other benefits after implementing an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS).

IWMS will lead to more efficient space utilization

Many organizations have used facility management tools to improve space efficiencies. You can expect to achieve cost savings by the reduction of property inventory and associated leasehold or ownership costs.

Reduced churn rates will be achieved

Improved planning and lease management attributed to successful IWMS implementation will result in reduced churn. As a result, move costs can be greatly reduced.

Increased efficiency

An IWMS will contribute to general increased efficiency in running your facilities. This will help you achieve associated cost savings on an on-going basis.

Improved in-house capabilities

An IWMS will provide your organization with improved in-house capabilities. It will result in better space planning, strategic planning, move planning, and project implementation. This can lead to reductions in planning and design costs. An added benefit is quicker turn-around time for planning requests.

Fast and accurate management reporting

Implementation of an IWMS will give you the tools to report on all aspects of your facilities—quickly and accurately.

Streamline facilities processes

Your organization can expect to streamline existing processes for space management, move management, maintenance management, asset management, lease management, strategic planning, and management reporting. IWMS users attest to the substantial cost savings due to improved processes and service delivery.

Share information throughout your organization

Facilities information can be communicated and shared company-wide. Provide management with the tools to make effective real estate decisions and give end users the ability to review data and interact with the facilities group.

Become proactive

Give the facilities personnel the tools needed to become more proactive and efficient. Immediate availability of facilities data will lead to well-informed, proactive decisions.

Develop business continuity plans

The comprehensive information made available by an IWMS can facilitate the development of business continuity plans in the event of business interruption.

Avoid redundancy

The centralized IWMS database can draw upon several corporate data sources, eliminating the need to re-enter information or for similar data to be tracked by various groups. Data from Human Resources, Technology, Telecom, Security and other service groups can be shared, leading to data efficiencies throughout the organization.

About the FM:Interact Workplace Management Suite

FM:Systems helps facilities and real estate professionals improve customer service, reduce costs, and increase productivity enterprise-wide. FM:Systems created FM:Interact, a Cloud-based Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) which can help to improve the management of space, occupancy, assets, moves, maintenance, leases and property.

Customer results include:

  • Occupancy costs reduced by 15 percent
  • Move spend reduced by 83 percent
  • Average annual enterprise productivity savings of $1.5 million
  • An internal customer satisfaction rate of 97 percent

Contact us today for more information on how we can help your organization save time and money!

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