Allwork.Space: 75% Of Business Leaders Lack Data Needed For Crucial CRE Decisions

Three out of four business leaders say they lack utilization and space data to make informed decisions about their commercial real estate/workplace needs, but this is exactly the data that they need in order to retain employees.

Hear from our VP of Human Resources Deb Hill in latest Allwork.Space article diving into the need for operators/organizations to use workplace data tracking technology.


“Anyone coming into the hybrid workplace, whether it’s an employee who lives in the local area and works once a week in that office location, or it’s a vendor coming in to meet with a group of employees gathered from a variety of geographic locations, the office design of the future needs to take into account all of the various reasons both visitors and employees will gather in a workspace. ” – Deb Hill, VP of Human Resources




Read the full article here.

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