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Company Culture & the Hybrid Workplace

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Organizations have continued to evolve the hybrid work model. In order to support culture building, collaboration and ideation, many employers now enforce a “hard hybrid” policy that requires hybrid employees to spend two or three days per week working in the office, enforced by badge swipe attendance data.

How can organizations ensure employees will be equally productive and effective whether working at home or the office? And how can employers deliver a workplace experience that builds culture and supports retention for fully remote, hybrid and fully onsite employees? This webcast examines how organizations are approaching technology and design for the hybrid office to create destinations that support culture and infuse digital equity into employee experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • How organizations continue to evolve with the hybrid work model
  • Trends in hybrid work models and employer expectations
  • How to improve the employee experience and culture


deb hill circle
Deb Hill

VP of Human Resources

Charity Hall

Director of People Operations

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