Unraveling Smart Buildings- Sustainability, Health, and Security Integration: Ep 15

About the Episode

In this quick bite episode, we delve into the concept of smart buildings. Discover how smart buildings integrate sustainability, health, and security through a range of interconnected systems and IoT devices. Learn how centralized IT and analytics empower smart buildings to optimize operations and provide valuable insights for effective management. Tune in for a concise exploration of the future of building technology.

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Episode Transcription

Brian Haines 0:14

Today’s quick bite answers the question what are smart buildings? Smart Buildings are a new class of building that is sustainable, healthy and secure.


Brian Haines 0:26

Smart Buildings bring together the data and operations of a number of building systems including heating, ventilation and air conditioning, lighting, fire safety and security systems, as well as easy to deploy IoT or Internet of Things devices that perform functions such as measuring occupant and asset utilization, indoor air quality, and more. All of these capabilities in a smart building utilize centralized IT and building infrastructure, data, and analytics to enable extremely powerful insights into building operations and management.

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