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Workplace Technology Trends and Predictions 

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Many organizations offer a hybrid work model to support better work-life balance, enhance employee experience, and lower building costs while improving sustainability. As organizations continue to refine and optimize their workplaces for hybrid work, we want to take a step back and review the predictions we made for 2023 – what came to fruition, how did hybrid work trend over the year, and what has evolved in the last year within the world of workplace technology. 

In this webcast, we’ll review the following trends and predictions from 2023: 

  • Incorporation of Net Zero emission goals and building management systems that control power, HVAC, and operations 
  • Integration of sensors and the data they collect into workplace management software 
  • The key role data plays and its evolution from collecting utilization data to prescribing actions take to reduce costs and emissions 

As we prepare for 2024 and beyond, we will also dive into where we think facilities management, hybrid work, and the employee experience are headed in the new year: 

  • Is hybrid here to stay or a fad that is fading? 
  • What role will data continue to play? Expert or back seat driver? 
  • How will sustainability efforts continue to evolve and intertwine with hybrid work and the employee experience?


Brian Haines

Chief Strategy Officer