Facility Management Software: Transform your Space into the Ideal Workplace

Space Management Insights that Open Doors for People

Optimize Your Facilities with Technology

Your space impacts your bottom line. You need a software solution to bring clarity to your organization—from implementing agile workspaces and getting real-time occupancy data to helping you track leases and moves to managing maintenance requests. Our platform integrates these key workspace management areas:

One Technology to Support Your Entire Facility Portfolio

Imagine visualizing and managing your entire facility portfolio without ever leaving your computer. FM:Systems’ enterprise-wide IWMS (integrated workplace management system) empowers your team with easy-to-use interfaces that make managing today’s dynamic workplaces easy. Plan and project manage with intuitive dashboards, drag and drop functionality, scenario modeling and real-time analytics.  



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Workplace Analytics for Optimal Space Utilization

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On average, organizations only utilize 35% of their workplace.

This is an enormous waste of resources and drain on capital that could be reinvested back in to your business and employees. Imagine what a major reallocation of funds could do for new office layouts, improved technology, a more sustainable workplace design or employee wellness, to name a few.

Identify the areas where you can reduce CAPEX and OPEX with software that provides actionable analytics and insights into space utilization.

With an IWMS, You Will:

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Reduce Costs & Drive Revenue

Understand your space to eliminate costs and identify revenue streams

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Help Employees Thrive

Your people will thrive in environments where they empowered to do their best work

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Gain Real-Time Insights

Empower yourself with actionable, accurate data to make informed decisions

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Plan for Future Growth

Quickly model different scenarios to plan for whatever the future brings

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Empower Teams Where They Are

Adapt to remote and coworking trends, with mobile room booking and more

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Transform Your Business

Modernize your approach to space and actualize the workplace you’ve always envisioned

What's Your Workspace Maturity? Take the Self-Assessment Now!

Your people will do their best work when their environment works for them. If you don’t really know how your workspace is managed today, you might be missing out on opportunities to reduce costs, drive revenue, innovate your business and enhance your employee experience.

Is your approach to space management basic, best-in-class or somewhere in the middle? Take our self-assessment to see where you stand, where you can improve and how you stack up against your peers.

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