Communicating the value of IWMS to your COO

Last week I talked about how important it is to give your CIO the peace of mind of knowing their data will be safe and secure when implementing a facility management solution as they are very cautious when implementing new technology at their organization due to data security and the amount of time and resources required from them. Miss this post? Here is the link. Today I will discuss how to present an IWMS solution to your Chief Operating Officer (COO).

What Your COO Needs to Know

The COO has a strategic contribution to their organization—their role is to drive business performance and strategy. They have to adapt constantly to their fast-changing corporate environment and have a deep involvement in the company’s operations to make sure it is performing well on a day-to-day basis as well as far into the future. In order for the COO to make changes within their organization, they have to be extremely comfortable and have data to back up the reason for that particular change. Their main priority is to increase operational efficiency, so proposing a solution, such as a facility management tool, and backing why it is so critical to the success of their organization is an important tactic in gaining their buy-in.

Even though most organizations are reluctant to change, when you propose a tool that can increase operational efficiencies and reduce the overall costs to the organization you’ll have their attention at the very least. Companies know they have to change the way they function especially in today’s highly paced and rapidly evolving workplace in order to meet growth targets.
We have some great stats and more information in our C-Suite Guide. Be sure to download it to learn more about what your COO needs to know!

Next week I’ll discuss what insights you need to understand when talk with your VP of Real Estate.

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