Create a team of move liaisons to manage interdepartmental communication

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As promised, I am continuing the “best practices of improving your move process” series that I started in my Heading up a Move post.

Best Practice number 2: Create a team of move liaisons to manage interdepartmental communication

Identifying a team of people to take on the role of move liaison or coordinator can clarify responsibilities or moves within a given division, department or group. This creates a repeatable process to continue executing streamlined moves. Steve Baumgardner, manager of engineering at Bayer Healthcare, says, “Managers should lock in a certain group of people (liaisons) that have the ability to talk to management and have the authority to move people. Requests come from the liaison who reports to the department manager. 99 percent of all move requests come from liaisons. If we get a request from someone else, it is questioned. This saves us time because we don’t have to track down permission.”

IWMS Advantage: Better communication, better collaboration
Accessible move management solutions enable better communication with internal customers, thus resulting in better collaboration. For example, internal customers—both the liaisons and the personnel to be moved—can be given views of their planned moves to help them prepare. Also, groups like IT can see a list of all moves that require their attention. Real time, point and click tools enable interaction between internal customers, as well as provide a vehicle to align internal and external service providers with the move coordinator’s plan.

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