FM:Systems BIM Success at AU with US CAD

Back in December 2013 FM:Systems had the privilege of presenting at Autodesk University (AU) along with US CAD.  This is a rare opportunity for which we capitalized on Facilities Management solutions using a BIM workflow.  Having used AutoCAD since 1990, this was my first time attending AU and obviously my first time speaking there.  Many hours were put into the presentation for myself and Jerry Motto of US CAD and in the end it turned out to be a great success.  Though Revit has been around for some years now, it seems to be making more and more headway into the IWMS arena and this gave a perfect opportunity to show how BIM can enhance the Facilities Management marketplace.  Jerry and I worked hand in hand as we role played a scenario between an AEC firm (represented by Jerry) and a Building owner (represented by yours truly).  After a shaky start with electronics not cooperating we were able to launch into our presentation and actually demo from both our laptops – Jerry showing how an AEC firm can be working in Revit and connected to FM:Interact through the cloud and myself showing how FM:Interact is updating live with the information that Jerry was updating.  Based on the survey response and the interaction we had with attendee’s afterward, a large majority of the overcrowded room were surprised (in a good way) with what they saw.  Many did not realize that FM:Interact had a direct interface with Revit and that Revit could actually push its space and asset (Family) data directly into FM:Interact.  We all look forward to how BIM is changing the design culture and how FM:Systems will continue to grow and improve the products that help make Facilities professionals more proficient (and dare I say “help them have more fun”) at their everyday work.