FM:Interact and the Autodesk Forge Viewer

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We’ve been integrating bi-directionally between our FM:Interact Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) and Revit models since 2010 and have been on the forefront of Lifecycle BIM since then. For the most part, building owners who are going to utilize Revit models for day-to-day facilities operations primarily relied upon 2D plan views generated from the model for all aspects of managing their facilities including space and occupancy planning, assets and maintenance management etc. Traditionally plan views have provided a tremendous amount of information to facilities teams, especially intelligent plans, where users can query a drawing and get direct feedback on space and assets on the plan. Over the past two years we’ve been integrating 3D viewing technology from Autodesk to help our customers take better advantage of the entire model.

We’ve recently updated FM:Interact to the latest Forge Viewer from Autodesk and the results are truly fantastic. The Autodesk Forge Viewer gives us the next generation graphics engine that enables our customers to take greater advantage of their Revit models for operations. Here are some of the top reasons why the time is right now and why we are now making this fantastic viewer available to FM:Interact customers who are using Revit models in their implementations of our software.


Revit models can be large. They can contain a tremendous level of rich object data that goes far beyond what is possibly in a traditional 2D CAD environment. Facility team members either at their desks or in the field need rapid access to data both graphical and tabular and waiting for excessive load times of drawings or models just isn’t going to work for building professionals who to handle tremendous workloads. The Autodesk Forge Model Viewer is incredibly fast and streams the models to the browser real-time even with large multi-discipline models.


3D Model Viewers have been around for years. For our customers the rich building data that resides within each of the objects in a Revit model is more important than the actual 3D geometry. The Autodesk Forge Model Viewer not only streams the entire building model quickly to the browser, it also includes the data associated with the building elements in a way that end users can easily select building components in the browser interface. Once they select an object in the viewer they can see information about the item they are selecting in the FM:Interact data pane that is not only in the model but also in FM:Interact database itself.

FM:Interact and the Autodesk Forge Viewer

Ease of use

The majority of the end users on facility teams are not BIM experts nor do they need to be. Access to the model and the ability to navigate, select and control what is being viewed has to be simple and intuitive and needs to support either simple mouse navigation or finger gestures when used in a mobile interface. The Autodesk Forge Viewer’s interface is elegant and simple to navigate, is easy to use and has easy to understand menus to help anyone who needs to access the model in their daily facilities workflows. This can be done with minimal training and even the most tech challenged users will be working with Revit models in no time.


Facility team members are more mobile than ever. Being able to access, interact with and report on facilities data through a variety of web-based interfaces is a necessity. The Autodesk Forge Viewer works with most common Web browsers and also supports viewing and interacting with the model directly in FM:Mobile on Apple iOS or Android devices.

We are extremely excited about our latest integration with the Autodesk Forge Viewer. Support for this viewing technology is available now. If you would like to find out how you can add this capability to your FM:Interact implementation please reach out to your FM:Systems sales manager or our dedicated support team.

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