How to Manage Your Healthcare Facility with Certainty

Healthcare is one of the most dynamic and complex industries in the world. The uncertainty that hospitals face (regulatory demands, governmental mandates, patient satisfaction, etc.) puts them in a challenging position. Many important factors are just simply out of their control. So what do you do when you can’t control everything around you? You control what you can, you get proactive, and you put yourself in the best position possible to deal with change.

One thing that hospitals can absolutely control is their space and how it’s managed. Taking a proactive stance in managing your facilities will lead to much greater organizational efficiency. The functionality, data and reporting that comes from an IWMS like FM:Interact will allow healthcare organizations to move into the future with much less uncertainty.

baystate-health-success-storyBaystate Health, one of our healthcare customers, has been using FM:Interact to manage their healthcare facilities for over 15 years. Prior to FM:Interact, the biggest challenge they faced was not being able to streamline their maintenance processes. Another major pain point was preparing their monthly maintenance chargeback reports, which are critical in knowing how much it costs to operate their off-site buildings. Continue reading how Baystate Health has maintained control over their maintenance management process and streamlined it across their three campuses since the implementation of FM:Interact, download the Baystate Health Success Story.