Improve your facilities and real estate management

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Want to unlock cost savings and create smarter, greener buildings? The key is in your facilities.

Building floor plan on a mobile deviceThe game has changed. Archaic tools like departmental systems or Excel spreadsheets can’t support the growing responsibilities of real estate and facilities professionals. You need real-time visibility into your portfolio, and to automate tactical work so you can play a more strategic and valuable role in your organization. You need a better way to manage and maintain valuable building information models as workplaces are designed, built and used. And now more than ever you must be able to respond to the growing concerns that challenge our environment.

So what’s the value? Real estate and facilities represent the largest expenses and assets for your company. Manage them thoughtfully and strategically and you will make a significant impact on the bottom line, environmental footprint and productivity of your organization. Shave just five percent off your occupancy costs on a one million square foot portfolio, and that equates to millions in recurring savings–savings your enterprise can’t afford to ignore.

Align Your Real Estate Portfolio with Your Organization’s Needs

Portfolio savings are one key reason companies adopt a technology solution. Optimizing available space helps you align your portfolio with the needs of your business. And, when unnecessary construction and lease costs can be avoided, millions can be saved.

Streamline Your Facilities and Real Estate Processes

Operational savings are just as significant. Technology can help you streamline your department’s processes, improve internal communications and eliminate costly project errors and delays. When your internal customers are happy and routine tasks are automated, the strategic work of facilities management can begin.

FM:Systems provides software, services and support that help you reduce costs, improve customer service and increase productivity enterprise-wide. By connecting all the relevant systems in your organization, workplace professionals can easily access real-time, accurate information and collaborate to better support the business.

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