Leveraging Data Analytics to Meet the Changing Needs of Your Organization

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With copious amounts of technologies in the marketplace that enable stakeholders to capture data with regards to the performance of their real estate, it can be a little overwhelming to take the first step towards a data-driven approach.

It is not uncommon to find yourself in a double conundrum. You may have very little data or too much data! In addition to the availability of the data, comes the question to its integrity and reliability.



6 Frequently Asked Questions About Data Analytics


  1. Is this data reliable?
  2. Where does it come from?
  3. How is it extracted or exported?
  4. Can the various data sources be centralized to identify key metrics and KPIs?
  5. Instead of multiple spreadsheets with data in tabular form, can the data be visualized graphically to better understand trends and insights?
  6. What does the data mean and what are the next steps to take?


Organizations are increasingly capitalizing on data analytics to gain a competitive advantage.  Facilities and real-estate analytics solutions enable your organization to unlock opportunities across your portfolio through sophisticated data science and machine-learning algorithms. Automating data gathering, analysis and reporting provides your organization with powerful insights on workplace utilization, employee mobility, and much more just by leveraging existing data sources like Wi-Fi and employee badge data.



Benefits of Utilizing Data Analytics:


  • Cost Insights- Reveal reduced CAPEX/OPEX, facilitating reinvestment
  • Modernized Workspaces- Inspire collaboration and drive increased engagement
  • Collaborative Engaged Employees- Generate increased efficiency and productivity
  • Happier, Dedicated Workforce- Drives competitive advantage
  • Growth, Brand Halo – Attract & retain talent



Banner Health Uses Data Analytics to Meet the Changing Needs of their Organization


We recently presented a case study with our client, Banner Health, on how they leveraged sensor technology to acquire and analyze workspace utilization data. The case study reveals how we supported Banner Health with scenario planning, options analysis and capacity planning that ultimately provided the building blocks for a data-driven business case.


We could really narrow down to the details. We were looking for overall what our utilization was in our specific campus, but with your technology, we were able to narrow down to an individual basis, which was really Phenomenal.

Banner Health



It is never too late or too pessimistic to begin capturing, tracking and monitoring data with regards to your facilities and workplaces. Listen to our podcast interview with Banner Health to learn more about how Banner Health had access to reliable data giving them the ability to revisit their analysis and design their return-to-office strategy.


By being able to have the analytics and the data to know where the needs are, we really are going to be able to partner with our teams and our leaders to provide the best space at the time they need it. Really focus on how we work not where we work.

– Banner Health


Key Takeaways from the Interview:


  • Understand how data analytics enables corporate real estate professionals to create workplace strategies for changing workplace requirements and initiatives
  • Learn how to maximize and optimize your existing corporate real estate footprint
  • Discover solutions to determine, provide, and maintain the exact space most suited for happier, healthier, and more productive employees


Listen to the podcast to hear the full story >




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