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Optimize your space with FMS:Analytics

Organizations are increasingly capitalizing on data analytics to gain a competitive advantage. Our facilities and real-estate analytics solutions enable your organization to unlock opportunities across your portfolio through sophisticated data science and machine-learning algorithms. Our FMS:Analytics (workplace analytics) solution automates data gathering, analysis and reporting to provide you with powerful insights on workplace utilization, employee mobility, and much more.

Capitalizing on existing workplace data

Businesses grow when employees are engaged, work and collaborate in spaces that meet their evolving needs. To enable real estate leaders to optimize their office space and maximize employee productivity, FM:Systems workplace analytics monitor millions of square feet around the world every day, providing granular analytics on a range of key performance indicators (KPIs).

Leveraging existing data sources, our FMS:Analytics (workplace analytics) solution applies powerful algorithms and quickly delivers analytics at a scale, speed, level of accuracy, and price not possible with manual methods.

Read our whitepaper to learn how CFOs can leverage data to manage costs and create value. 

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Core KPIs Include:

Average & Peak Utilization

Employee Attendance

Employee Mobility

Floor & Zone Heat Maps

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Departmental Utilization & Mobility

Costs & Cost Savings

Room Booking Analytics

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Workplace Analytics Solutions

Booking Analytics

  • Right-size reservable space based on data
  • Understand peak conference room utilization
  • Compare actual vs. planned meeting data
  • Reduce under-utilization & no shows of reservable space

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Sensor Analytics

  • Utilize sensors to track real-time occupancy
  • Automated data collection & management
  • Obtain actionable insights of your space
  • Enhance departmental collaboration
    through informed decision making

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Mobility Flows

  • Visualize employee flow portfolio-wide
  • Track total & unique visits per department
  • Data sourced from Wifi, badges or sensors
  • Make decisions to enhance collaboration based on actual employee movement

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Use Cases for Utilization Workplace Analytics

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The Data Science Behind Our Analytics Solutions

FM:Systems’ sophisticated data science and machine-learning algorithms are what distinguish reliable results from manual, error-prone data crunching. Processing data readily available from your existing infrastructure, our software uncovers the rich insights you need to surface strategic and operational opportunities.

The data powering our Workplace Analytics solution is rigorously managed to protect employee privacy: before being transferred to FM:Systems, data is stripped of any personal
information (PI) and all key identifiers are hashed. All data is encrypted in transmission and at rest. 

Unlock the power of analytics for your workplace

Improve your bottomline, become more productive and continuously improve your workspaces with the power of analytics

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