Highly Efficient Health Screening, Linked to Your Access Control

FMS:Visitor is built to flexibly and comprehensively deliver the unique configurations and activities organizations require to meet their individualized business needs today and tomorrow.


What are your workplace challenges?

Today there is a heightened awareness of the need to track occupants entering and leaving buildings as part of increased public health protocols, but the security risk inherent in building visitors is not new. The increased flexibility in hybrid workplaces means business happens quickly and visitors may be unexpected or last-minute. Maintaining your security and safety protocols while creating an inviting experience for guests creates an ideal environment for high-quality work and productivity.

The ultimate visitor management system from check-in to check-out.

Manage deliveries for employees with ease.

Health Screening for Visitors

Highly efficient health-screening, linked to your access-control.


On-Site Screening of Staff & Visitors

If the staff member or visitor is not able to perform the COVID-19 self-assessment before their arrival, they can commplete the assessment on arrival.

Efficient, easy to use, and highly configurable visitor and contractor management, employee desk booking and office capacity management, employee parcel management, and Covid-19 screening — all on one secure system.

Alternatively, reception/security staff can also use their online FMS:Visitor Dashboard (on their PC or laptop) to screen and check-in staff and/or visitors and input their temperature reading.

Staff and visitors can make use of a self-service check-in kiosk at reception/security which has customized sign-in flows including touchless check-in through their mobile device, facial recognition, ID/Passport number, input of mobile number or quick scanning of the employee/visitor QR code.

Security officers can use the handheld scanner to scan the barcoded driver’s license, ID card or ID book of the visitor, and for staff members they can do a quick scan of the employee’s QR code (or do a quick search for the employee’s name). The health screening assessment is then done on the unit (if not completed already before arrival) along with the record of the temperature reading on arrival.

Health Alert Notifications

If any staff member or visitor submits any undesired health protocol screening results or a temperature is recorded above a certain threshold, then notifications (email and SMS) are immediately and automatically sent to key personnel such as the health/risk department.

Real-Time Health Screening Reports

Health assessments of staff and visitors are available directly on the FMS:Visitor reporting dashboard. All reporting is easily searchable by date-range, by staff member, or visitor, or by building, and all reports are also exportable for health-auditing and compliance purposes.