An important lesson from history is that every crisis presents risks and opportunities. In 2020, COVID-19 devastated large parts of the economy, put millions out of work, and created the most dire health crisis of the 21st century. It also overturned outdated beliefs about remote work, sparked companies to build programs that foster emotional and... Read more »

  Written by: Dan Lorenz, President of AMS CAD+CAFM Solutions   An Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) can deliver an accurate picture of your facilities data enterprise-wide. This enables you to utilize reports and dashboards with embedded key performance indicators to help you quickly identify areas within your facilities where you might be experiencing inefficiencies... Read more »

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Unlocking the Value of Data in Commercial Real Estate

  Written by: Michael Gresty, VP of Workplace Analytics, FM:Systems   Council of 100 Innovation Forum Champions Change Leadership in Real Estate Data In late October, as Chair of OCSRE Council of 100 Innovation Forum, I was thrilled to host the first in our Virtual Change Leadership Series. The focus was on data and its... Read more »

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Facility Management: The 2020 Corporate Role of the Year

Traditionally, facility manager’s jobs have gone unnoticed. Why? Because a smooth interaction of the occupants within a space is a reflection of a job well done by the facilities team. Then the pandemic happened and all eyes were on our facilities and how they could impact employee health and safety. Suddenly, the world has recognized... Read more »

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Measuring Workplace Performance in 2021

It’s certainly safe to say at this point that the COVID-19 global pandemic has changed the way that we all think about the workplace. As many of us continue to spend most of our days working from home, it’s time that we begin to consider how we will measure workplace performance in the future. Many... Read more »

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Top 10 Tips for Implementing the Hybrid Workplace

Like many major societal events though, the pandemic will leave a legacy. In the case of the COVID-19 pandemic, that legacy will be significantly greater acceptance of remote working. Some employees might shift to complete remote work, it is likely that a great many more will end up with a split schedule, working from home... Read more »

Your organization’s assets make up a large and costly financial investment. Now more than ever, organizations are challenged to track and maintain assets, especially in this time of highly mobile workforces. A rapid shift has compounded this challenge to large portions of the traditional office workforce working from home (WFH). Many employees utilize corporate and... Read more »

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The Evolution of the Way We Work

Any discussion of the new workplace must start with consideration of how work has evolved in the past fifty years as the world has moved from the industrial age to the information age. The huge shift to remote work in 2020 has been surprisingly successful during the pandemic. While it will not continue at the... Read more »

Our annual user conference, Building Insights, has successfully wrapped up! This was our first year going virtual and we are still feeling the buzz of excitement. For us, Building Insights is not only a time to share our vision for the future but to hear the business challenges our customers are trying to solve and... Read more »

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Office Hoteling – Statistics, Obstacles, and Opportunities

Written by: Dan Lorenz, President of AMS CAD+CAFM Solutions   How Hoteling Has Changed Since the Pandemic I was curious to see how widely used and accepted the idea of hoteling (sometimes referred to as “hotdesking”) was at companies both before and after the pandemic.  To attract as many willing participants as possible, I narrowed... Read more »