Wiley Coleman

Space as an Asset for Higher Education Institutions

A couple of years ago one of our higher education clients told me that the reason they decided to invest in an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) was due to a University mandate to “begin treating space as an asset.” To this day, I don’t know that anyone has been able to explain the need... Read more »

What is Move Management? Part 2: Technology to Improve Your Organizations Move Management Process In my first post, “What is Move Management Part 1: How you can better understand your move management process” I talked about what move management is and discussed how the first step in understanding your organizations move management process is to... Read more »

Leasha Jackson

What is Move Management?

What is Move Management? Part 1: How you can better understand your move management process Simply stated, move management is the process of moving one or more employees from one location to another or in and out of your organization. There are varying types of move management–there are Moves, Adds and Changes (MAC), which are... Read more »

Brian Haines

Your Successful IWMS Implementation, Guaranteed

Your Success Guaranteed Fixed price implementations are only successful when the company that is performing the implementation fully understands the business requirements of the customer down to the smallest details and performance objectives. The FM:Systems consulting team and our certified industry partners have implemented hundreds of successful IWMS customers by leveraging the thousands of hours... Read more »

We just had our annual FM:Systems User Conference in downtown Raleigh, NC. Our User Conference allows our customers and business partners to spend several days networking with other users of FM:Interact, meet the FM:Systems staff that they work with in person and attend sessions to expand their use of the FM:Interact workplace management suite. The... Read more »

Brian Haines

Sensor Based Real-Time Space Utilization Technologies

I wrote in January about the need for organizations to begin to measure the utilization of their space in real-time. I covered several factors leading up to this need including the increased mobility of the workforce and the tech reasons that have fueled those trends. The need (and desire) for employees to be able to... Read more »

Leasha Jackson

What is Space Management?

What is Space Management? Simply stated, Space Management involves the management of a company’s physical space inventory. Whether you realize it or not, every organization manages their space one way or another. You might have an automated space management solution, use AutoCAD and Excel spreadsheets or manage your space with printed off floor plans and... Read more »

I’m continuing my “Best Practices for Space Management” series which is the first guide we have published as part of our best practices series. I hope you enjoyed learning about the making of our best practices series, benefits of space management and the top 10 things every facility manager should know about space in my... Read more »

Muhammad Isap

Ten Ingredients for Great Customer Service

At FM:Systems, we value customer service highly. In 2017, we scored 98% in customer satisfaction, and we are aiming even higher this year. Great customer service doesn’t just happen. Like preparing a gourmet meal, it takes planning, focus, and a lot of time. Here’s my recipe. 1 – Energy If you don’t have it, you’re... Read more »

Leasha Jackson

Introducing the Best Practices for Space Management

Who is FM:Systems and what do they do? I’ll take a moment to give you a little background on FM:Systems and how it has become the leading software solution provider in space and occupancy management. Our Chairman, Michael Schley, founded FM:Systems in 1984 with the vision of creating a flexible, comprehensive facility management system that... Read more »