A couple of weeks ago we held a webinar titled “In the Future Workplace, We Will Prioritize People over Place.” One of the polling questions asked of participants was: “Which is the most compelling reason for you to work from the office?”. The top answers were: Collaborate with Others (39%), Engagement / Company Culture (22%)... Read more »

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People Want to Be Around People, Even Today

Co-working…..remember that idea? If you rewind the clock just 12 months, it seemed like a can’t miss for all the parties involved. A landlord has a building, tenant leases the space, and builds it out with modern design and amenities with multiple separate offices and open collaboration areas, then subleases it to multiple tenants for... Read more »

As students are returning to campus facilities managers are expected to identify, plan and deliver a safe and effective environment. There is a need to balance multiple important objectives as plans are formulated for each campus — safety first and foremost, and then supporting a productive environment. Key measurements of success will include student and... Read more »

Much has been written about how easily the COVID-19 virus can be transmitted from human to human. This is primarily through close contact and transfer in tiny airborne droplets which can be expelled into the air by a cough, sneeze or in some cases simply by talking and breathing. This issue can be compounded when... Read more »

Around the world, the type of work people do is changing with technology and innovation. In just a few decades, the U.S. workforce transformed from mostly manual labor to a majority of office workers. By 2030, McKinsey & Co. predicts that we will spend 55 percent more hours on technical work that requires STEM degrees,... Read more »

Many organizations are actively planning a return to the workplace.  As part of this planning process it is critical to consider employee sentiment as a significant factor in the decision-making on who returns and when.  Most of the planning so far has been focused on methods for keeping occupants of facilities properly distanced to minimize... Read more »

With copious amounts of technologies in the marketplace that enable stakeholders to capture data with regards to the performance of their real estate, it can be a little overwhelming to take the first step towards a data-driven approach. It is not uncommon to find yourself in a double conundrum. You may have very little data... Read more »