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5 Solutions to Improve the Hybrid Employee Experience

In a hybrid workplace, employees will experience some days in the office and some days working remotely. This puts pressure on employers to bridge the gap between the virtual and physical work environments in order to create an ideal employee experience. So far, it seems obvious that employees want flexibility, but they also need a... Read more »

Many companies are turning to a hybrid work model for its convenience and flexibility. But it’s also critical that companies balance increased flexibility with improved operational efficiency.  Of course, technology can help ease the transition. But Gartner found that two-thirds of employees think the tech they use at work already requires too much effort. The... Read more »

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Doing the Right Thing with Summer Fridays in July

Beginning on Friday, July 2nd, FM:Systems will close its office internationally for all five Fridays in July as a way of showing our appreciation for the hard work our team has put in over the past 15 months. It’ll be a great reprieve for each of us individually, and we feel the reasons we took... Read more »

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Improving the Personal Life of Working Fathers

Father’s Day is here, and like we did for moms on their day, it’s time to celebrate and reflect on the way the pandemic affected the other half of many parenting duos, too. While the statistics around working mothers leaving their jobs or changing career plans remains staggering and frightening (more on that below), the... Read more »

The 3 Pillars of Workplace Transformation As the pandemic comes under control and businesses begin to move toward greater normalcy, many have chosen to pursue lasting workplace transformation initiatives. Businesses are transitioning to a hybrid workplace model, actively redesigning physical spaces, adopting more digital processes and tools, and re-evaluating existing real estate portfolios. What does... Read more »

  It Starts with Choice In this new “Age of the Employee”, employees want choice. Companies planning to RTO (return to office) should look to shift to an employee-centric approach to empower employees with the ability to help decide what works best for them. That doesn’t necessarily mean a “work from anywhere, anytime” strategy. In... Read more »

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4 Steps all CEOs Should take to Lead in the New Normal

During a time of great change and uncertainty, it’s safe to say business leaders have been responding to a mountain of disruptive and chaotic events that largely fall outside of the company’s control. To push into and lead effectively in the new normal, CEOs inevitably have needed to adapt their businesses, workplaces, processes, and solutions.... Read more »

In our recent webinar, Deloitte Consulting’s Jessica Coxson, and her colleague, Patrick McCoy, joined FM:Systems’ Chief Strategy Officer, Brian Haines, to offer responses to three questions that illuminate how an ever-ready company can build support for managing change in the workplace. Michael Gresty, VP of Strategy at FM:Systems moderated.     Workplace Challenges and How... Read more »

  Written by: Michael Schley, Founder of FM:Systems   In 1980, a profession was founded. George Graves, the head of real estate and facilities for Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation, convened a meeting of 47 property managers, real estate managers and facility managers in Houston, Texas and the National Facility Management Association was born. A year... Read more »

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Supporting and Retaining Mothers Returning to Work

For over a year, the pandemic has forced all parents in the workforce to make incredibly challenging decisions leaving many of them burned out. And while working remotely proved to be highly productive for most companies, it hasn’t been as smooth for parents, working from home with children who need constant supervision or support with... Read more »