Your organization’s assets make up a large and costly financial investment. Now more than ever, organizations are challenged to track and maintain assets, especially in this time of highly mobile workforces. A rapid shift has compounded this challenge to large portions of the traditional office workforce working from home (WFH). Many employees utilize corporate and... Read more »

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The Evolution of the Way We Work

Any discussion of the new workplace must start with consideration of how work has evolved in the past fifty years as the world has moved from the industrial age to the information age. The huge shift to remote work in 2020 has been surprisingly successful during the pandemic. While it will not continue at the... Read more »

Our annual user conference, Building Insights, has successfully wrapped up! This was our first year going virtual and we are still feeling the buzz of excitement. For us, Building Insights is not only a time to share our vision for the future but to hear the business challenges our customers are trying to solve and... Read more »

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Office Hoteling – Statistics, Obstacles, and Opportunities

Written by: Dan Lorenz, President of AMS CAD+CAFM Solutions   How Hoteling Has Changed Since the Pandemic I was curious to see how widely used and accepted the idea of hoteling (sometimes referred to as “hotdesking”) was at companies both before and after the pandemic.  To attract as many willing participants as possible, I narrowed... Read more »

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Employee-Centric Workplaces: Prioritizing People Over Place

A couple of weeks ago we held a webinar titled “In the Future Workplace, We Will Prioritize People over Place.” One of the polling questions asked of participants was: “Which is the most compelling reason for you to work from the office?”. The top answers were: Collaborate with Others (39%), Engagement / Company Culture (22%)... Read more »

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People Want to Be Around People, Even Today

Co-working…..remember that idea? If you rewind the clock just 12 months, it seemed like a can’t miss for all the parties involved. A landlord has a building, tenant leases the space, and builds it out with modern design and amenities with multiple separate offices and open collaboration areas, then subleases it to multiple tenants for... Read more »

As students are returning to campus facilities managers are expected to identify, plan and deliver a safe and effective environment. There is a need to balance multiple important objectives as plans are formulated for each campus — safety first and foremost, and then supporting a productive environment. Key measurements of success will include student and... Read more »

Given their direct relationship with their employees, organizations of all kinds are implementing measures to ensure safe and healthy workplaces as they plan a limited, and often phased return to their offices. FM and CRE leaders and teams need to be proactive to ensure that they are in compliance with their own directives, many of... Read more »