Modern Facilities Management Facilities management is undergoing a renaissance, and it could be time your business rethought the entire process. Now that we have access to data and smart tools through the Internet of Things, we can streamline and transform facilities management entirely. In the past, facilities management required a lot of resources and took... Read more »

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Planning for the Return to the Workplace

Many organizations began the work from home phase of their COVID-19 pandemic response in early to mid-March and have developed effective remote working strategies that have enabled them to continue to move their businesses forward as best they can.  No one knows exactly how our workplaces will operate as the return to the workplace begins... Read more »

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Maintenance Scheduling Software Benefits

Maintenance Scheduling Software There are many different kinds of maintenance scheduling software, and each of them can help reduce downtime, reliably schedule preventive maintenance, and provide maintenance schedules when and where they are needed. A robust maintenance scheduling system will also provide work orders and handle asset management. This software is abbreviated as CMMS software... Read more »

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What is Space Management?

What is Space Management? Simply stated, Space Management involves the management of a company’s physical space inventory. Whether you realize it or not, every organization manages their space one way or another. You might have an automated space management solution, use AutoCAD and Excel spreadsheets or manage your space with printed off floor plans and... Read more »

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Working from Home for Beginners: Tips from a WFH Veteran

Organizations across the country are accepting the responsibility of social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic and allowing (or, in some cases, mandating) employees to work from home (WFH).  In recent weeks, IT departments have scrambled to ensure employees have everything they need to carry on with business as usual:  headsets and docking stations and VPN... Read more »

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What is Computer-Aided Facilities Management (CAFM)?

Computer-Aided Facilities Management You may be familiar with facilities management and software suits like CMMS, but with a full suite of new tech, it could be a new world out there. There are modern technologies and solutions that allows managers to be more efficient and more consistent without expending a ton of time or bearing... Read more »

In light of COVID-19, we should absolutely keep in mind that many facility management professionals are on the front lines of emergency response preparedness in the event of outbreaks.  They are also charged with the actual response and often directly fill roles such as response coordinators and managers.     That being said, one of the... Read more »

Without actionable workplace analytics, this question is difficult to really answer. You may be thinking to yourself, “What in the world does workplace analytics and COVID-19 have in common?”  As of the time of this being written, the World Health Organization has officially declared a global pandemic and several significant social distancing measures have been... Read more »

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What is Asset Tracking? Examples, Best Practices & More

What is Asset Tracking and How Can It Help your Company? Asset tracking is the process by which you document all the items that your business owns. Assets can include equipment, buildings that you own or lease, IT systems, and, in some industries, raw materials or products. In addition to documenting and keeping records on... Read more »

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Digital Workplace: What is It & What are the Benefits?

Building a Digital Workplace   With all the workplace technology out there, you’d think we’d have a set definition of “digital workplace.” When you do a basic search for the term, however, we’re still struggling to define what it means. For many businesses, there’s a breakdown in what they believe digital workplace means and the... Read more »