Predicting the space needs of your organization years—or even months out—can be tough knowing a single mistake could cost millions of dollars. This makes the FM:Interact Scenario Planning capabilities of the Strategic Planning Module essential for the planning of your organizational changes. Scenario Planning allows you to proactively plan for and manage change in your... Read more »

I recently did a presentation for the Chicago Chapter of IFMA focused on how emerging technologies has lead to rapid change in how organizations are managing their space.  These changes are creating challenges and opportunities for facility management teams as we are all more mobile than ever. These exciting new technologies are right at our... Read more »

Creating potential BIM services for building owners As a Revit professional you may have wondered why the models you have worked so hard to develop for your clients don’t have a longer shelf-life once your project is completed. Building owners are rapidly embracing BIM as a standard part of the AEC workflow and are now... Read more »

Leasha Jackson

The Top 3 Reasons to Move to FM:Interact 8.4

Reasons to move to FM:Interact 8.4 include the new FMx5 viewer, WSA module, and enhanced configurability Last year with the release of FM:Interact 8.3, I posted about my five favorite FM:Interact 8.3 features and why they made FM:Interact 8.3 our best release yet. I’m back again, but this time I’ll give you a sneak peek... Read more »

Leasha Jackson

Facility Management Made Easy

Facility management made easy by reducing costs, improving customer service, and increasing productivity enterprise-wide. FM:Interact was developed with the customer in mind and was organically grown from the ground up to be easy-to-use and configurable by the end user. With FM:Interact, facility and real estate professionals can get real-time access to accurate workplace information and... Read more »

Leasha Jackson

New FMx5 Viewer Features will Amaze

Having worked in the Facilities Management world for over 20 years now I have had the privilege of working with the very basics of AutoCAD and Excel files, to the best IWMS software available – FM:Interact.  With FM:Systems latest product offering:  FM:Interact 8.4, comes a brand new floorplan view engine called FMx5 viewer and lest... Read more »

Leasha Jackson

Facility Management Software Educational Grant Program

As FM:Systems Product Marketing Specialist one of my job responsibilities is to manage our Facility Management Educational Grant Program. This is something I have been involved with over the last 3 years I have been here and it is something that I believe to be a great value both for us as a company as... Read more »

Brian Haines

FM:Systems provides solutions for BIM Interoperability and data exchange in FM:Interact.  This is done by either integrating directly with BIM authoring and viewing solutions such as Autodesk Revit and Autodesk 360 viewing or by supporting BIM data exchange standards such as COBie. BIM Interoperability and data exchange with Autodesk Revit FM:Interacts BIM for the Building Lifecycle... Read more »

Reducing Cycle Time with Mobile Maintenance Software Now that our FM:Mobile mobile maintenance software has been in the hands of our customers for more than a year I have had the opportunity to speak with a number of them to see how they are increasing efficiency with mobile maintenance tools in the daily facilities management... Read more »