The Benefits of Mobile and How it Can Increase Your Facilities Performance

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The Power of Mobile Tools for Mobile Workers

More and more work as a facility professional takes you away from your desk. In today’s highly dynamic facilities environments it can be hard to keep the rhythm of your job flowing smoothly without unnecessary interruptions and obstacles such as going back to your desk for information. Mobile devices make it possible for you to work away from your desk and can provide you with immediate access to the critical information you need, when you need it.

Why mobile? Why now?

Today’s mobile devices can handle dozens of tasks that just a few years ago were limited strictly to personal computers tethered to a desk in an office. Recent developments in mobile technology such as larger and clearer screens, increased security, faster data processing, and higher bandwidth connections are enabling the mobilization of the workforce in new ways. Not only are employees more highly mobile which makes them more difficult to track, facilities professionals are beginning to realize that many of the tasks that they perform on a daily basis could benefit from mobile technology.

What are the primary benefits of mobile tools?

Productivity efficiencies naturally occur when employees use mobile devices to communicate and collaborate more frequently, from any location, at any time, using any device.

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Reduced cycle time
If a mobile worker has information and capabilities available at their fingertips they can get things done more quickly, this includes accessing information quickly and easily as well as reduced trips back to their office or desk for information they don’t have with them.

Better accuracy of facilities data
Location based point of entry and immediacy of data entry increases information accuracy. Facilities teams that utilize processes and methods to collect and capture data in the field at the point of the problem produce data that is more reliable.

Continue reading our, “Benefits of Mobile and How it Can Increase Your Facilities Performance” guide to learn how you can get greater flexibility in how and where you manage your facilities portfolio.

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