Top 5 Reasons Why Room Scheduling Makes Microsoft Outlook Better

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Our seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook allows reservations to instantaneously appear on your calendar, allows you to change and update reservations and set reminders and alerts. When using the FM:Interact Room Scheduling capability with Microsoft Outlook the tools are much more powerful than when using them alone–and you get a variety of features and functionalities you don’t get when just using Microsoft Outlook.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons why FM:Interact Room Scheduling feature makes Microsoft Outlook better:

Floor Plans

Space Reservation floor planThe FM:Interact room scheduling capability allows you to view a floor plan based upon your search criteria that shows the color-coded status of each of the reservable spaces on that floor.

Filtering and Searching

Powerful yet easy to use filtering and searching capabilities allow you to quickly find the right room for your meeting. You can perform a simple search as well as a more complex search which allows you to combine multiple search criteria.

Equipment and Amenities

With FM:Interact’s Room Scheduling tools you can make sure that the room you are reserving has the proper equipment and amenities to make your meetings more successful.

Room Layouts and Photos

FM:Interact’s Room Scheduling capability not only allows you to select specific room layouts as part of your search criteria but it also allows you to see a photo of your selected space before you reserve it.

Highly Configurable Approval Rules

If you want a specific conference room type for an entire campus to automatically be approved when employees with a Director title or above reserve the space but require approval for everyone else, this can be easily accomplished with our room scheduling approval query builder.

Get the full, “Top Five Reasons Why FM:Interact Room Scheduling Makes Microsoft Outlook Better” datasheet to learn how our Room Scheduling capability provides you with more features and functionalities than when using Microsoft Outlook alone.

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