FM:Systems has several university customers who use our FM Survey module to track their Indirect Cost Recovery (ICR). What is Indirect Cost Recovery? Simply stated it is the cost a university incurs when they provide grant funded research.

Our FM Survey is designed for universities and other nonprofit organizations managing facilities, grants and sponsored research.

Such organizations need to track space and other non-cash assets allocated to grant funded activity via periodic “space surveys.” It allows these institutions to track grant moneys, principal investigators and spaces, do graphical allocations and data analysis with the included reports.

FM:Systems higher education customers have instituted FM Survey to gather Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) and other higher education usage information for their annual space surveys. This has resulted in increasing their Facilities and Administrative (Indirect Cost-Factor) rates, enhanced internal accountability of resource allocation and provided valuable data used in reporting to corporate, foundation and government funding sources.

Using standard Web browsers, you can enter data on usage codes and the responsible departments for their respective office, research and teaching facilities. The forms have several checks and balances to ensure accurate and complete information at each step of the process, including percentage usage by category for each room.
Universities using FM Survey have found the effort of collecting information is dramatically reduced, the accuracy of the information is improved and the amount of data that they can collect is increased.

FM Survey supports many important types of information essential for IPEDS reporting, internal auditing and Indirect Cost-Recovery (ICR).

We have a full FM Survey datasheet that goes into more detail about the functionalities of our FM Survey module and we have a Higher Education webinar next Wednesday, November 19 that will present the module and discuss the benefits that FM:Interact can bring to you and your institution.