3 Workplace Management Solutions Our Customers Love The Most

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With our customers making up 40% of the Fortune 500 companies, 30% of the top European banks, and more than 150 universities worldwide, our solutions have been getting a lot of love.

But instead of taking our word for it, here are the most loved features from a few of our FM:Systems solutions that have been getting our customers’ pulses racing lately.


With quick access to accurate data, facilities, and real estate professionals can deliver better customer service, reduce costs and improve the performance of increasingly dynamic facilities and work environments, what’s not to love? FMS:Workplace is our bread and butter workplace management solution made for dynamic organizations, so they can strategically maintain and optimize physical space and the assets within.

“As a rapidly growing university, we needed a better model to understand how we used our space and how we could utilize it more efficiently. FM:Systems made it easy for us to understand the opportunities within our portfolio so we could better serve the needs of our students, faculty and staff.” Josh Gerken, Assistant Vice President of Campus Planning, University of Texas San Antonio

“I’ve worked with competing workplace management solutions for more than 10 years and what I’ve seen with FM:Systems is that its suite of products are really user-friendly. We are able to collect useful insights quickly, and anything beyond its initial configuration can be done easily.” – Project Management Professional, Global Healthcare Technology Company

Customers using this solution made it clear there are many features to love. Here are just a handful:

  • “We honestly love all of the modules. If I had to pinpoint one thing specifically, it would be the reports functionality. We love being able to pull occupancy data per building.” 
  • “My most loved feature is very basic but a huge timesaver – it’s the ease of customizing and updating the navigation menu with starred Favorites.  Everything from a few floor plans for testing, to frequently used but deep-down configuration pages such as the module-specific Modify View pages – all accessible with a single click.” 
  • “The configurable data dictionary has been huge. The ability to create and modify new tables and fields and how these display for different power users is something highly valuable!  We use this function to manage data associated with evolving workplace programs and solutions, like everything we had to do to respond to unexpected pandemic considerations!”
  • “Service requests within the maintenance module is where we see the greatest number of users. I think we average about 400 Service Requests per week across our 8 campuses.” 
  • “My favorite feature is probably just the customizability of FMS:Workplace in general. From the views, data dictionaries, and FM:Systems reports, to email notifications and report scheduling. “


Gen Z employees expect their organizations to provide them with modern technology that runs as well as consumer tech. And 1 in 5 say they won’t tolerate bad experiences at all. But this isn’t limited to the young workforce: what employee wants to feel like they’re stepping back in time when using workplace tech?

With the rise of hybrid work, and people coming in at different times and days of the week, FMS:Employee was designed to make the in-office workplace experience enjoyable and productive, putting people at the center. No big training workshop required; just a much loved, intuitive go-to tool for employees to manage their day – from booking a conference room, checking desk availability, scheduling video calls for in-person and remote teams, and even to book food and coffee catering services.

“Unlike other vendors that were more like digital receptionists and didn’t offer much more than email notifications, FMS:Employee offered the most robust functionality and flexibility. Our flex and hybrid employees could use it to easily plan a productive in-office work day knowing they had a guaranteed desk and the right type of workspace needed before heading in.” – Senior Facilities Project Manager for Leading Space Technology and Intelligence Company.

“One of the main reasons we chose FM:Systems’ room and desk booking solution (FMS:Employee) was because it’s not just made with a facilities operator or food service provider in mind. It was important that anyone in the business could eventually use it.” Kathy Lord, Director of Facilities Administration, BCBSM

“We didn’t want employees commuting into the office, only to find out there wasn’t an available, clean desk to work from that day. With the additional FMS:Employee features, employees could now plan ahead by reserving a workspace or even book a desk near a colleague they wanted to collaborate with, prior to leaving their homes.” – Kristin Hovda, IT Director of Workplace Technology, JLL


FMS:Insights automates data gathering, analysis, and reporting to provide organizations with powerful, objective intelligence on workplace utilization, employee mobility, and much more. These rich and secure datasets allow organizations to confidently make short, intermediate, and long-range decisions about everything from immediate occupancy questions to quick strategy adjustment and alignment to long-term, costly real estate decisions.

“With FM:Systems workplace analytics solution, we can now get the level of true, unbiased insights necessary to really figure out who’s using our buildings and how they’re being used, allowing us to take a long hard look at which spaces are performing well or not. “This would not have been possible with our previous manual, error-prone tracking method to space management.” Marshall Elliott, Learning Center Coordinator for Sutter Health

Given the rise in data breaches and security incidents across all industries, organizations are continuing to prioritize solutions that effectively manage sensitive data

“One of the biggest hurdles to integrating any new system as a healthcare organization is how it stands up to our privacy and security requirements,” said Emily. The data powering FM:Systems workplace analytics solution is rigorously managed to protect employee privacy. Before even being transferred, data is stripped of any personal information (PI) and all key identifiers are hashed. All data is encrypted in transmission and at rest. Moreover, the solution is also GDPR-compliant. “Because of these reasons, we were able to contract with FM:Systems in two weeks, which is unheard of in our industry.”Emily Laughton, principal architect for Sutter Health

And that’s it…just some of the wonderful feedback we’ve been getting from our customers on 3 workplace management solutions our customers love and can’t live without.

Which FM:Systems solutions and features do you love the most?

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