Workplace Strategy Summit 2014: Innovation on the Edge

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FM:Systems is proud to be a platinum sponsor of the 2014 Workplace Strategy Summit at the Wokefield Park Conference Centre in Berkshire, England June 8-10.

The summit, themed “Innovation on the Edge,” will feature leading academics and experts in the fields of design, facility management, real estate, organizational ecology, technology and management.

Building on the success of the first Workplace Strategy Summit held at Cornell University, the 2014 summit will feature leading academics and experts in the fields of facility management and real estate speaking about the most innovative concepts to emerge in workplace strategy. Attendees will not only hear from these global innovators, but also be able to engage with the presenters and other attendees from all over the globe in round-table discussions on a range of issues related to work and workplace in the 21st century.

“What if we let people sit anywhere they wanted? asks Ian Ellison, Senior Lecturer in FM at Sheffield Hallam University. “This doesn’t mean rule-governed hot-desking by the way. I mean, what if we really empowered our people, adults after all, to self–organise?”

Be one of just 160 to hear Ellison and other workplace luminaries at the IFMA Workplace Strategy Summit, this June 8-10 in Berkshire, England. Reserve your spot now!

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