Your Successful IWMS Implementation, Guaranteed

Your Success Guaranteed

Fixed price implementations are only successful when the company that is performing the implementation fully understands the business requirements of the customer down to the smallest details and performance objectives. The FM:Systems consulting team and our certified industry partners have implemented hundreds of successful IWMS customers by leveraging the thousands of hours of best practices embedded in our proven methodology learned from our 30 years of industry experience.

We’ve worked with many of the top companies in the world with the most challenging facilities portfolios, and our core strength lies in our ability to learn from and tailor best practices for our customer’s individual needs.

We work collaboratively with your team during an in-depth needs analysis to gain a finely tuned understanding of your specific requirements and develop a mutually agreed upon project scope that is the solid foundation of our final fixed price. Our highly visible and predictable total costs, combined with our outstanding service and support are the foundation for FM:Systems having one of the highest customer success rating in the business.

Our Process

FM:Systems uses RightPath, a proven process based on hundreds of successful IWMS projects and decades of experience. FM:Systems customers consistently find that their systems are deployed on time and within budget, with measurable results in time-frames that are dramatically faster than those of competing products. Our methodology includes solution configuration, project management, and knowledge transfer activities created to ensure the smooth implementation & efficient of our IWMS solution. Our process allows for the application of best practices, based on our experience, weighed with your needs to define a tailored solution that meets your defined requirements and goals.

FM:Systems will work with you to establish a project schedule with defined roles and responsibilities to ensure the successful completion of the project. We will assign a project manager to provide the joint project team with guidance around the tasks and next steps of the project. Our methodology includes key project check points to ensure deadlines are monitored, open items are addressed in a timely manner, and your sponsors and our sponsors are well informed on the project status. On average, a standard implementation spans a 20 week period.

Our Software

Unlike other IWMS products that have been “assembled” through mergers and acquisitions, all FM:Interact modules have been solely developed in-house by the FM:Systems product team. FM:Interact was built from the ground up to be easily configured to our customers’ business processes. This avoids the high cost, long time-frames and risks associated with customizing other IWMS products or the development of custom or “bespoke” systems.

The easy yet powerful configurability of FM:Interact enables organizations to rapidly respond to changing requirements and realize new business value. FM:Interact is the only IWMS specifically created with powerful abilities to enable adaptability and configurability to continually allow change as your business and needs change. This means that FM:Interact is truly configurable and fully integrated into your systems and processes, resulting in faster implementations, less complexity and lower risk.

FM:Interact evolves as your business evolves… and enables a more dependable ROI.