Mobile Solutions for Facility Management Teams

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Is your facility management process mobile-ready?

Employees are no longer tied to their desks. Whether they’re in the field or temporarily working from a remote coworking office, they need access on the go. It’s time to liberate your facility management practices too!

The Internet of Things (IoT) impacts everything from how we order food to the way we interact with our nearest and dearest, and its revolutionizing business. As office environments become “smart” and more work is happening on smart devices than ever before, business leaders need new levels of insight into the operations of their facilities.

Mobile Solutions for Facility Professionals

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Mobile Platform

A window into your facilities, supporting the viewing of documents, floor plans reports and more, with a device-friendly design that includes touch interaction

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Mobile App for Technicians

Perfect for technicians on the go, allowing for offline use and support even when you’re in remote or hard-to-access areas with poor connectivity

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Space Reservation App

No more pile-ups outside the conference room - this app lets employees book room reservations on the fly, as they need them, from wherever they are

Manage your facilities on or offline.

  • Stay connected from anywhere: Access facility data from your mobile device
  • Reserve space on the go: Book rooms and check into meetings from your device
  • Employee Self Service: Empower employees to enter requests anytime
  • Optimize your Maintenance Process: Easily dispatch and manage support tickets
  • Access floor plans and reports with just a touch: Visualize your facility data with a tap
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Key Software Features:

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  • Touch-based for easy use on a device
  • Responsive to work with any digital interface
  • Secure and cloud-based
  • Compatible with IOS and Android
  • Easy to install
  • Configurable to your specific needs

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Are your teams able to access crucial space and facility information on the go? Does your facility management software integrate with your smart office? If the answer is no, we can help!

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