Dice Insights: Tips for Growing and Retaining a Diverse Workforce in Tech

‘Workforce diversity goes beyond just setting a hiring strategy: You may have to overhaul your culture to ensure new hires feel welcome and can thrive. That accountability ultimately rests with the executive team and the CEO.’

Nathan Eddy takes a look and gives some insight on how Tech/SaaS companies grow a diverse workforce, and more importantly, retaining them.

Deb Hill, Sr. Director of Human Resources at FM:Systems pointed out, if you’re not retaining diverse talent, trying to attract that diverse talent is for naught. “Increasingly, the focus is still on diversity, but it’s about that inclusion part and how we ensure employees feel connected and they feel like they belong in the organization,” she said. “As an employee, I want to be able to bring my whole self to work, and how I can feel more connected to the people I work with, both the people who have similar backgrounds and experiences, and those who have different backgrounds and experiences.”

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