FM:Systems and AMS Workplace Technology (AMS) Launch FMS:Connect

Advanced API facilitates rapid and secure data exchange between FM:Systems workplace management solution and external applications, streamlining HR, IT, and asset management operations

RALEIGH, N.C., Dec. 13  2023FM:Systems, the provider of the most scalable and intuitive all-in-one workplace management platform, today announced its collaboration with AMS Workplace Technology, its Premier Certified Business Partner, to create FMS:Connect. FMS:Connect is an enhanced representational state transfer (REST) API that enables fast and secure bidirectional data transfers between FM:Systems solutions and a range of external applications. The new, powerful, and actionable insights gained from FMS:Connect will help organizations identify areas for improvement – such as streamlining HR, IT, and asset management tasks – laying the foundations for a future where data connectivity drives efficiency and success.

FMS:Connect will enable organizations using FM:Systems’ workplace management solution to integrate up-to-date data seamlessly with other applications, whether they are HR platforms like Workday, IT ticketing systems like ServiceNow, or asset management solutions. This eliminates the need for users to navigate between applications, reducing time spent on data management, and enhancing overall performance and efficiency. “Instant access to real-time, quality data is swiftly becoming a must-have for businesses of all kinds. Managing and integrating data from different platforms is one of the biggest challenges companies face in preparing for the data-driven future,” said Ben Finney, VP of Global Partnerships at FM:Systems. “With FMS:Connect, organizations can access and manipulate information from different sources all in one place, making it much easier to gain new, impactful, and actionable insights.”

The FMS:Connect API uses OAuth2 workflows that allow data in JSON format to be transferred in a modern, secure manner. FM:Systems and AMS have engineered this API to seamlessly integrate into existing systems, ensuring a hassle-free deployment and reducing the potential for disruptions.  

“For us, FMS:Connect has been essential to integrate our core systems,” said Barbara Redmond, Senior Manager of Real Estate Technology for Point32Health. “The shift from flat file imports to experiencing a continuous flow of real-time data between multiple systems has significantly enhanced our operational efficiency.” 

In benchmark tests, FMS:Connect performed exceptionally in both speed and efficiency, facilitating the retrieving all space data from FMS:Workplace in less than 2.5 seconds, and allowing for the input of 50,000 records in just 60 seconds.

“FMS:Connect offers a simple and modern platform for efficient, fast, and secure data transfer with FM:Systems workplace management solution that is able to handle very large data sets,” said Rich Belar, the Director of Innovation at AMS. “So, in addition to organizations being able to establish near real-time data exchanges, they can also configure scheduled transfers at intervals, providing the flexibility to optimize data workflows based on their unique needs.” 

FMS:Connect is available to any cloud hosted FMS:Workplace customer. Please contact your account representative for more information or click here.

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