Joe Karbowski on leadership, collaborative future of our workplaces, and why Facilities Management is a critical, yet less-talked about component of hybrid work


The Shape of Work podcast hosts FM:Systems CTO, Joe Karbowski, who goes on to discuss leadership, the future of our workplaces, and why facilities management is critical.

” I came to learn that moving an organization proved to be a much more formidable (and interesting) challenge than being able to code 20 times faster than the person next to me. And that helping others to find their best place in the universe was more rewarding than loosely coupled code. I am not sure if there is a better feeling than seeing someone you’ve mentored go on to achieve their desired personal success. “

The Shape of Work podcast launched in March this year with the goal to bring together a group of top Executives, People Managers and HR professionals to talk about their experiences, lessons, best practices, and perspectives on everything that’s shaping the way we work. The podcast has received 5000+ downloads and includes guests from Hershey’s, Tenshi Life Sciences, Marriott, and Netflix.

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