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Facility Management Software

Solutions to optimize every aspect of your workplace

Evolving the Traditional Facilities Management Process

Creating the employee-centric workplace experience is not a linear process and needs to be supported by solutions that allow an iterative approach to measuring building performance, planning responsive change due to actionable insights and delivering the optimal workplace to support employee wellness and ensure peak productivity in support of fulfilling the organizations mission.

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A Total Workplace Management Solution


Our broad integrated workplace solutions specialize in space management and optimization, assets and maintenance, strategic real estate planning, resource scheduling, as well as projects and sustainability. We empower our clients to gain insight into how their facility space is performing, how they enhance efficiency, and how to create an employee-centric workplace.

You can now manage and optimize every facet of your facilities with FM:Systems’ digital workplace solutions that enable organizations to access and analyze facilities, real estate and maintenance information in real time.

Read more about Workplace Management in the New Era.

To help facilities teams operate and maintain highly dynamic building portfolios, FM:Systems created the Workplace Management Suite of software solutions. Our Workplace Management suite of solutions is a modular, flexible, easy-to use Integrated Workplace Management Solution (IWMS) that enables organizations to manage, analyze and report on facilities and real estate operation and maintenance (O&M) information. Access to accurate data means facilities and real estate professionals can deliver better customer service, reduce costs and improve the performance of their facilities portfolio-wide.

Organizations are increasingly capitalizing on data analytics to gain a competitive advantage. Our facilities and real-estate analytics solutions enable your organization to unlock opportunities across your portfolio through sophisticated data science and machine-learning algorithms. Our analytics solution automates data gathering, analysis and reporting to provide you with powerful insights on workplace utilization, employee mobility, and much more. Leveraging existing data sources, our solution applies powerful algorithms and quickly delivers analytics at a scale, speed, level of accuracy, and price not possible with manual methods.

The advent of cloud and mobile technologies has revolutionized the modern workplace. Employees have new expectations for mobility, and employers are recognizing the myriad benefits of flexible workstyles and tech-savvy workplaces. FM:Systems provides powerful software and hardware solutions for your organization with innovative scheduling solutions that deliver new levels of efficiency and productivity for your mobile, virtual, and traditional employees. From conference rooms and video conferencing facilities to shared workspaces and managed services, our software and hardware solutions are the most comprehensive workplace management solution available

A Solution for Every Role

Your space impacts your bottom line. You need a software solution to bring clarity to your
organization—from implementing agile workspaces and getting real-time occupancy data
to helping you track leases and moves to managing maintenance requests.

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Real Estate Roles

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Executives & Senior Leaders

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Start Optimizing Every Aspect of your Facilities

Real estate and people are likely your biggest expenses — ensure they're both at the top of their game

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