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How does your space and facility management process stack up?

In the past, space management was just for space and facility managers. It was considered an important part of keeping an organization running, but not a crucial aspect of making it thrive. Times have changed. Business leaders are now looking at their space as a key driver of company performance, employee retention and an outlet for innovation and creativity.

In the modern workplace, an integrated space and facility management solution that brings transparency, efficiency and accountability across all departments should be the norm, not the exception.

What Does Software Enable?

An integrated workplace management system (IWMS) have evolved to replace and outperformed older CMMS and CAFM solutions. Enterprise-wide solutions are necessary in a business landscape that is more connected and global than ever. It’s the project management solution that ties your entire workplace together. Software brings about an important paradigm shift for business leaders: your space is your greatest asset; make sure that you’re getting the most value from it!

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Our Solution Helps You:

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Get Real-time Updates on Your Space

Plan for day-to-day usage and make the most of your space.

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Save or Generate Income

Use your space strategically to maximize your current assets.


Keep Your Facilities Maintained

Get real-time updates on current maintenance needs and plan for the future.

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Space Management

Space management covers everything from occupancy planning to quickly shifting to an agile workspace.

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Get an accurate picture of your space needs and usage and eliminate the inefficiencies of manual reporting

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Empower your leaders with real-time information to make strategic company decisions

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Plan and adapt for the future while incorporating trends in employee wellness, smart offices and alternative workplaces

Facility Portfolio Planning

Facility portfolio planning leverages your current assets against where you can go in the future.

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Make smart choices about where to grow in the future

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Find cost savings and new revenue streams

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Manage your current assets so that they are used efficiently

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Facility Maintenance Management

Facility maintenance helps you stay on top of your current facilities so that they operate well now and in the future.

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Manage predictive, preventative and corrective maintenance requests

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Avoid downtime and disruption in the case of a facility emergency

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Plan for and avoid worst-case scenarios before they happen

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Are you tired of spending countless person hours trying to manage your facilities and space reservations with spreadsheets? The future of a connected workplace is here and you need technology to keep up. Want to learn more about how to make your space work for you? Our integrated workplace management system can help!