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Safe Space Solutions

Preparing a building for re-entry after a pandemic requires careful consideration and preparation of aspects that impact health and well-being of occupants. In a time of pandemic, this preparation includes but goes beyond traditional pre-return building risk assessments. Here are 5 areas of focus when creating a safe work space and re-entry plan:

Social Distancing Compliance

As a starting point, consider first the various hurdles of getting employees to and from their actual workspace while decreasing the chances for actual physical interaction. Enabling safe distancing for entering and exiting buildings requires careful planning of traffic flow at peak times.

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The building, floor and individual workspace level of detail may need to be explored to provide the greatest chance of success at creating a safe space for occupants. By utilizing a Space Management solution you can not only drill down to the workspace level but you can also:

  • Assess floorplans for social distancing challenges
  • Ingress and Egress circulation flow maps
  • Show locations of hand sanitizing stations and other necessary resources
  • Record contamination location and event details
  • Take contaminated space off-line and bring back online when decontaminated

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Flexible Work Strategies

Flexible work strategies, also known as hoteling or work-switching, are emerging as a compelling and practical approach to workplace re-entry. A flexible desk management strategy, where some employees have assigned workstations and others select workstations as needed, allows facility managers to reduce congestion as well as rotate available floors, zones or workstations to allow for proper cleaning between uses.

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  • Desk reservations for flexible work strategies
  • Conference room reservations and service management
  • Options for touchless reservation check-in, check-out and auto-release to track actual utilization
  • Configuration options for required clean-up time following a reservation
  • Maintenance reports for targeted cleaning based on workstation utilization

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Building Sanitization

Many employees have valid concerns about the risk of being exposed to this pandemic in the workplace. The responsible management of building sanitation with visibility and accountability will be essential to establishing employee trust and confidence.

Sanitization efforts must be both preventative and reactive. Regular cleaning schedules and detailed task lists for common areas combined with workstation utilization reports will help maintenance teams focus on high-traffic areas while ensuring individual workstations are disinfected every time they are used.


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  • Mobile app for work orders can be used to create, track and close scheduled cleaning as well as contamination response tickets.
  • Generates automatic notifications to key personnel, executives and vendors
  • Provides detailed real-time event documentation and audit trail for compliance

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Contamination Response

While many aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenge of preparing for a return to the workplace are new, some are familiar and there are protocols and best practices to address them. Contamination is one such aspect.

Contamination poses risks to people and work activities. Unguarded proliferation of contamination can quickly lead to outcomes highly detrimental to employees, their families, and the organization. Organizations need a plan to anticipate and respond to contamination events.

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Solutions include people counter sensors by keeping track of the number of people flowing in and out of an area. This provides visibility on valuable actionable data needed to manage congestion and flows.

Use people counters to track employees and others who may have been contaminated, or who may contaminate anyone else.

Talk to one our experts about how you can use a workplace analytics solution and sensors to ensure contamination areas are identified and contained via employee mobility tracking.

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Monitoring & Maintenance

During the phased implementation of a return to a healthy, safe workplace, it’s critical to monitor the status of key performance indicators (KPIs) so that you can validate the success of the measures you have taken, ensure compliance, identify deficiencies, and evaluate the impact of any subsequent changes to the plan.

Data for monitoring may be derived from existing or available but otherwise untapped data sources, and it may come from new monitoring devices such as environmental sensors.

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