How to Develop Employee Personas

How do you create a hybrid work model that meets your organization needs and employees will adopt? Creating employee personas can help and you can easily start here. Answer the questions below and create a greater understanding of your space utilization as well as how to engage employees.

Where do your employees want to work?

Enter the percentage of employees that correspond to the workplace preferences.

How often or how many days on average will hybrid workers be in the office?

Pro tip: Also consider discovering if employee productivity would benefit from offering flexible work hours, that is, hours outside of core working hours and split days between the office and remote locations.
Average Days Workers in Office

What kinds of individual work spaces will best serve employee productivity?

List the percentage of employees who need each type or the number needed.

What types of meeting rooms or collaboration spaces will best support how teams connect?

meeting room size

How will hybrid employees most often use the space?

Why are they coming into the office? Is it to collaborate, get heads down work completed, attend in person meetings, etc? List out the top reasons your hybrid workers will be in the office.
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Create Employee Groups

A natural defining line may be those that are coming into the office and those that are not.

Pro tip: Think outside the lines of departments at this point, but rather focus on how, when and why employees will use the space.  

Define these groups by their distinguishing factors. Write out the definition of each group. For example, 10% of employees want to work in the office 4 days a week, with a defined workspace. They will use meeting and collaboration spaces for 50% of their meetings.   Name each group. Look through your descriptions and brainstorm a name for each group that aligns to those defining attributes. This name can help bring the whole set of characteristics of the group to mind while planning.
Group Name
Group Description
Use the buttons to create more groups.
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