Workplace Technology Comparison Guide

Exploring new solutions, platforms & SaaS offerings is both exciting and daunting. There is a lot to consider when evaluating new products, including what your current solution provides. When it comes to workplace management technology, we want to make the evaluation process easier.   

How Does Your Solution Measure Up?

We’ve compiled a “must have” list of features every solution should include. You can use this interactive checklist to compare new products you are evaluating as well as a starting point to understand what your current solution provides. Whether you are looking to broaden your portfolio to support hybrid work, increase utilization of your space or understand your real estate portfolio, this guide will help you better understand the tools you need to accomplish these goals.

Solutions this guide helps you compare:

✓ Workplace Management solutions
✓ Hybrid Work solutions
✓ Workplace Sensors & Analytics solutions
✓ Visitor Management solutions

what our

FM:Systems helps me sleep at night. I’m not worried about a solution that might become obsolete one day. On the contrary, the company is constantly innovating and adapting with us – not only expanding as we do, but leading the way. It’s not just a technology. It’s a partnership.

Jay Rivera Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Director of Real Estate

As a rapidly growing university, we needed a better model to understand how we used our space and how we could utilize it more efficiently. FM:Systems made it easy for us to understand the opportunities within our portfolio so we could better serve the needs of our students, faculty and staff.

Josh Gerken University of Texas, San Antonio Assistant Vice President of Campus Planning