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How Technology Drives Change in FM

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Major changes in technology over the past four decades have changed the practice of facility management. This is particularly true today as organizations grapple with balancing the benefits of the traditional workplace with the efficiencies of remote work.

In this webinar, FM:Systems founder Mike Schley will dive into the forty-year history of technology and facility management, noting major milestones along the way, and speaking to the role technology plays in today’s post-pandemic world of work. Against today’s backdrop, we’ll reflect on the key decisions related to the new hybrid workplace and how the role of facility management will change.

Join us to learn why facilities management is more relevant today than ever.

During this webinar, Mike will discuss:

  • The history of facility management and FM:Systems  
  • The dramatic shift in the workplace and corporate real estate that is underway today 
  • The evolving role FM plays and why it is more critical than ever


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Michael Schley

FM:Systems Founder, IFMA Fellow