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How To Optimize the Hybrid Workplace

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Leaders are facing unique challenges when it comes to knowing the next step in hybrid work and rationalizing their real estate footprint. With hybrid work as the go-forward model of choice for employees, organizations are now faced with reconfiguring their offices to meet unique work needs as well as attract and retain talent. Can hybrid be a solution for employees and organizations looking to fully optimize their space? 

In the third and final session of our webinar series, Three Tenets of Hybrid Work, we’ll investigate how to find answers to the key questions executives and facilities leaders are often asked including: 

  • What areas are consistently underutilized? 
  • What areas are consistently used? 
  • What kinds of activities are happening in both highly used and unused spaces? 

Key Takeaways:

  • How to answer the key questions often posed to facilities leaders 
  • How to measure facilities and real estate portfolio performance 
  • FM:Systems Customer Case Studies 


David “DK” Kornegay
David Kornegay

Solutions Consultant

Rob Norin
Rob Norin

Vice President of Global Sales Enablement

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